so i'm just saying, but--i have an ex/best friend. we dated on and off for a year and eventually broke up due to differences in opinion and then became best friends. if someone asked me if he'd propose tomorrow, i'd laugh, say no, and mean it. we would never end up together, and that's the kind of thing you realize over the years and years. and if it's been 10 years, and you still haven't made up you mind...well. i think there's something there.

hi anon, thanks for sharing your story!!! i think you’re right; when you’re certain about something like that, you’d say no right away. and after 10 years, you’d be fairly certain that you’re not going to end up with somebody - unless you’re not. mindy + bj have both expressed uncertainty about their eventual endgame, and that is suuuper interesting to me. they know what’s there.

A) AHHH!! B) feel like they're basically best friends but still hook up sometimes, like when when Mindy said they're "more than BFF but different than gf and bf" C) no one really mentions this but the fact that they share this much of their relationship to the public is interesting? Ex: why wouldn't she text BJ that she'd talked abt him on Stern instead of forcing him to publicly reply? Like- they seem to enjoy playing up this "will they won't they" drama for the fans. Idk, what do u think?

A) SAME!!! B) i would not be surprised, they have that quality about them. C) i think about this ALL THE TIME. i think some of their lighter, more amusing twitter interactions are just for the sake of bantering in public where people will appreciate it. the fact that they share their more romantic/loving aspects of their relationship is definitely for the fans. (but i always think of it as like, not so much pandering as it is… incredibly aware, tease-y pda.) the stern tweet i found more like, mindy realized she’d just spilled some major beans on her + bj and felt the need to kind of acknowledge that on her twitter. looking back, i don’t think she meant for him to respond at all on that medium, but just to kind of cop to the fact that it happened, if that makes sense? 


The main reason I’m reluctant to get married to Mindy is that every single person in our lives and Twitter feeds would say, ‘I knew it.’ I just couldn’t fucking deal with that. But we know. We know what’s there.

what an opportune time to bring this back! i’ve always tried to take this quote with a grain of salt, because i’m aware that bj is at least half-joking with the “main reason” thing. but the part about “we know what’s there”? that’s so real. 

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Mindy Kaling talking about BJ Novak on The Howard Stern Show (15 September 2014

older asks mixed with newer asks!

okay, i lied: there are still asks about the howard stern interview that i missed! also, i won’t be getting to every single one of the asks pre-stern interview, i’m sorry! i’ll try to get all the biggest points though!

i’m still reeling in the aftermath of this morning’s revelation, no doubt. i’m still so heartbroken + wanting to wrap mindy up in my arms with a warm towel and a cup of tea, but somewhat excited to see what happens next with these two now that everything’s in the open??? somewhat hopeful about mindy + bj’s relationship but slightly scared at the same time????

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the first ask post of a new era


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  • Stern: Have you had great love in your life, where it just hurts that it didn't work out?
  • Kaling: Yeah, yeah.
  • Stern: Why did it not work out?
  • Kaling: Because, uh... this sounds so lame, it's not profound, but people are so different, and you can overlap in certain ways that are important but not... the ones that are the most important, or something.
  • Stern: Are you still in touch with this guy?
  • Kaling: Yes. Yeah.
  • Stern: Do you know what he's up to, do you know if he's married now, does he have kids...?
  • Kaling (laughing): Yeah, he's, he's not married, no.
  • Stern: Not married.
  • Kaling: No.
  • Stern: But you check on him.
  • Kaling: Yeah, he's a good friend of mine. Yeah.
  • Stern: Look at that smile! I think we can set you back up with this guy. I think you're in love.
  • Kaling: Yeah, well, he's my best friend, so it's... that's not...
  • Stern: He broke up with you or you broke up with him?
  • Kaling: ...He broke up with me.
  • Stern: You would take him back.
  • Kaling: No... it was years ago when this break up happened.
  • Stern: Best sex of your life with this guy?
  • Kaling: Oh, man. It was pretty good. He's a smart and funny guy!
  • Stern: Were you upset when you broke up?
  • Kaling: I was so, so sad. Not angry-sad. Sad-sad. That was the hottest I'd ever looked, because I'd stopped eating...I'd wake up, get out of bed, and not care. We worked together...but I was real miserable.
  •  ...
  • Stern: I think the guy you were in love with was the guy you co-starred with on the Office. [Kaling LAUGHS] Am I right or am I wrong?
  • Kaling: B.J.? He was... he was -
  • Stern: He was the guy.
  • Kaling: Well, he was, yes, you are correct, not that the mystery - you're not Sherlock Holmes or anything, Howard -
  • Stern: I'm Sherlock Holmes! That's right, that's what they call me.
  • Kaling: You're like, 'who have you known for ten years who you worked with...' No, but he legitimately is one of my best friends; he texted me before the show like 'Good luck on Howard,' he's been on my show, he was a producer on the pilot, I see him all the time.
  • Stern: If he asked you to marry him you would have.
  • Kaling: At the time? Yeah.
  • Stern: Wow.
  • Kaling: Yeah.
  • Stern: Wow.
  • Kaling: I mean, it would have been.. I was 24. But for the record, if anybody had asked me to marry them I would have...but he's a wonderful guy.
  • Stern: Well let's hope he calls you tomorrow and asks you to marry him!
  • Kaling: I! I would not - one thing about this is, I love him and think he's a good person, but I'm not holding a candle for him or anything...
  • Stern: I believe if he called you tomorrow and said, 'I made a terrible mistake; we must get back together and get married,' you would do it.
  • Kaling: I... I don't know. I don't know.
  • Stern: It's not a 'no.' That's it.
  • Kaling: Alright.
  • Stern: We'll get you a boyfriend, don't worry about it.

Please tell me you're doing asks about lovemaking today/anytime soon?!?! I mean she doesn't deny it but 'pleads the fifth'? WTH Mindy.. WE WANT TO KNOW THE EFFIN ANSWER!

I’M SO SORRY GUYS I’M GOING TO BED NOW BUT I’M JUST GONNA QUICKLY ANSWER THIS ONE. mindy pleading the fifth was like the best possible response she could’ve given. bj’s gonna have a conniption when he watches this interview