awwwww i was on instagram on my phone and on the activity page it showed mindy had left a comment on bj's photo of his new book. it was just a heart emoji next to an open book emoji. she may have deleted it but i screen shotted lol. WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE

i don’t think she deleted it but i screenshotted it too just in case!!!!! THEY ARE THE CUTEST MOST SUPPORTIVE PAIR OF WRITERS EVER.

OMG K SO THIS IS THE CUTEST. so bj just posted a picture of his new kids book and mindy commented with a heart next to a book emoji!! it's not showing up online cause she commented so early on but i screen shotted it on my phone! HOW CUTE?!

Anonymous said: Mindy just left a book emoji and a HEART emoji on bjs insta!!! *sighs happily**



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LOL I was JUST about to come here and be like BJ'S HEADS ON THE BOARD BJ'S HEADS ON THE BOARD!! but, you beat me to it ahahahah. you're right, it looks like a lot of those actors were also in last season. but tbh, i still think he''s coming back this season.

i really hope you’re right!!!!! i would LOVE a mindy + bj reunion on the mindy project. like maybe mindy + danny are invited to jamie + lucy’s wedding or something. each season has to have mindy attending at least one of her ex’s weddings, right??

Anonymous said: it’s weird that one of the first things i noticed in that pic was that bj’s headshot was on the wall, right? even though it was barely visible? god im such a lamo

IT WAS THE FIRST THING I SAW. i swear. we’re both normal. 

i think @RealCarrotFacts might be BJ also hahahaha

i actually thought about this last night but i figured since bj and the rest of his twitter entourage don’t follow @RealCarrotFacts that maybe it isn’t him??? it is a very similar thing to @coffee_dad tho!

‏@NiallOfficial: Haha found this on my phone! From the midnight memories video shoot, it was freezing , think Harry was in the toilet

tagged by 1professionalfangirl. this is just shameful tbh. (i’ve since deleted all these screenshots but i figured y’all should get to see how much of a mess i am first.)

1. Take a screenshot of your desktop. 
2. Don’t change anything.
3. Don’t delete anything.
4. Tag 5 more people.

if you want to do this, then i tag you!!!

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"BJ Novak has a nice butt" Will never not be the funniest thing ever! I wonder if Mindy was like, "Wait, shit. Did I say that out loud???" It couldn't be more perfect.

it was so funny, omg. like it BARELY made sense when she brought up chris messina having a great butt (i mean sure, you’re promoting tmp, why not) but then she was like BJ NOVAK HAS A NICE BUTT like she’s been waiting all her life to say that to someone

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I think icecubetray just comes from the idea that if Ice Cube the rapper had a son/grandson named after himself (his son actually is a junior, but with his real name, O'Shea), they would be Ice Cube Jr and Ice Cube III, respectively, and "Trey" is often a nickname for people who are the third of something, and Ice Cube Trey/Tray makes for a fun little pun and we all know how BJ loves himself some puns.

ohhhhhhhhhhh. ohhhhh. holy crap.

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